Alberta Welding Optimization Committee (AWOC)


What we do?

As a non-profit Society, AWOC focuses on Continous Improvement initiatives for all areas of the welding industry, such as

  • Promoting the science, engineering and trade of welding and advocating for all industry sectoring
  • Encourage career development opportunities regarding the science, engineering and trade of welding
  • Hosting and share learning events and programs in the field of welding, fabrication and construction


AWOC works with our industry partners to promote welding development programs – including engineering, technology and trades

Best Practices

We develop and communicate industry best-practices and advise Government, Regulatory bodies and others to enhance Public Safety programs


Our membership matrix structure is founded on diversity and actively seeking to understand all perspectives


We identify improvement areas - find ways to streamline processes and promote practical collaboration between industry, government and all stakeholders


Join us for the 5th AWOC Conference on Oct 18, 2019

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